Recycling aluminum is a good way to make extra cash, but it's important to be organized while doing it. Staying organized through your can recycling can be easily done through the assistance of apps. By downloading a variety of free apps, you can easily organize your cans and be ready to recycle them for the most value possible. The following four types of apps will help you track, organize, and find locations that accept the cans for cash.

Calculators & Money Trackers

The key to having success with your aluminum can venture is by cashing them in in bulk. It takes around 30 to 35 cans to create a single pound. Pricing at various recycling centers is typically by the pound. Using calculator apps and money trackers, you can determine the amount you will earn by tracking your cans by the pound. Some apps feature charts and goal meters that allow you to reach set amounts. Seeing these goals and the full breakdown can prevent you from over- or underestimating the total you can receive.

At the end of each day of collecting, it's easy to update your totals and see progress charts. For example, you can follow trends like the days when you collect the most cans. If you're collecting cans with another person, you can link the apps together and share data. You will get a grand total and instantly receive updates each time you go on the app.

Scrap Yard & Recycling Location Apps

Before you lug all of your cans off to the nearest scrap yard, it's important to find ones that will accept and pay for your cans. A number of apps use GPS technology to track your position and offer access to the nearest scrap yard and recycling center. Once you find a center, you can click on it for more information. This includes the hours, accepted materials, and the current rates for aluminum cans.

Some scrap yards or recycling centers may have minimum amounts that are accepted. By using these apps, you can read the guidelines and be fully prepared for when you visit the recycling center. This will help you save time and gas money while collecting and organizing cans.

Truck Rental Apps

When you are collecting a lot of cans, you will want to take them on a single trip to cash out the maximum amount of money possible. One way of doing this is with truck rental apps. Various app downloads give you access to affordable truck rentals. Some of these apps are from official renting companies while others offer peer to peer rental service. For example, you can rent a truck from a person for a single day and pay a charged fee that they post. In some cases, the person may even help you load the truck and deliver the cans. If you have enough cans, you can offset the truck rental price with the profits you are going to make from the cans. Browse through various apps to compare prices and find the best truck rental for your needs.

Mapping Apps

Aside from purchasing cans on your own, one of the best ways to make extra money is by collecting littered cans. Searching for cans can be done at parks, on trails, or on the side of the road. To help keep track of areas that you've searched, it's a good idea to download mapping apps. A number of mapping apps have the ability to mark specific areas that you've been. This can ensure that you cover new ground and collect as many cans as possible. Along with marking an area, you can apply notes like the day that you visited and how many cans were found. This allows you to pick the best areas to revisit and collect a lot of cans.

Check with a local recycling center like Main Street Fibers to see if they have any official apps. These apps allow you to connect directly with the center and plan out all your recycling needs.