If you are on the town board and have recently proposed the idea of cleaning up some of the side streets in a beautification effort to make the neighborhood more appealing and sanitary for citizens who live there, you will need a cleaning crew and supplies to complete the task at hand. The suggestions that follow will help you acquire volunteers and plan an organized cleanup project.

Advertise For The Event And Offer A Luncheon

Let the public know about the cleaning event by placing a classified ad in a local newspaper or by hanging banners up over busy roadways. Provide contact information for anyone who is interested in helping out. List details about the date of the event and the time that the cleaning will begin so that anyone who is thinking about volunteering can make arrangements to be free on the day of question.

Provide an incentive to volunteers by offering a luncheon after the town has been cleaned up. Sandwiches and salads can be served underneath a canopy or perhaps you could set up an informal dining area inside of a rental hall. The luncheon will demonstrate your gratitude for all of the hard work citizens have done.

Provide Your Cleaning Crew With Gear

Because people will be cleaning up in areas where vehicles frequent, it is important that each person is dressed in bright-colored clothing so that drivers can see them. Purchase t-shirts that are a fluorescent or bright color and give them out to each volunteer. Provide your cleaning crew with trash bags, rakes, long-handled picks, and gloves.

Rent a dumpster and set it up on a piece of property that is located in the central part of the neighborhood. Make arrangements to have the trash hauled away after the cleaning has been completed. A waste removal company will empty the dumpster and haul the trash to a landfill. 

Delegate Specific Sections To Crew Members

Before the cleaning project begins, request that volunteers meet with you at a predetermined time to discuss the streets that are going to be cleaned. Assign crew members to specific parts of town so that the entire neighborhood will be covered and trash will be removed completely from each area.

After the cleaning is finished, welcome everyone to the luncheon. Before food is served, stand up in front of the group of citizens and thank everyone for helping to make the town a cleaner and more beautiful place.