It's not always easy to make ends meet financially. If you have run short on cash between paychecks, it's time to start thinking about alternatives to make a little more cash to put in your pocket. Here, you'll learn a few ways to make some extra money this month.

1. Salvage Scrap Metal

If you pay attention on local flea market Facebook groups, local newspapers and on other classified websites, like Craigslist, you can find all kinds of free scrap just waiting to be picked up and cashed in. If you have a small truck, you're in luck – you simply have to contact the people asking to have their stuff hauled away, load it up and drive to your local scrap metal recycling center.

Another option if you don't have a truck to haul large loads of scrap is to spend time scavenging along the roadsides. Pay attention when you're driving down the road. Some roads have not had any kind of litter clean-up for quite a while – that's where you're going to find lots and lots of empty aluminum cans. These cans can add up in value quite quickly. Simply gather them, smash them so you can haul more and then cash them in at your local scrap metal recycling center.

2. Start Selling Online

If you have a smartphone or a computer and a camera, you've got all you need to start selling online. You can sell the things that you no longer use around your home, or you can start visiting local thrift stores to purchase things for cheap and flip them online for more.

Yard sales and flea markets are also great hunting grounds for resellers. You can typically pick things up for well below what they are selling for online, bring them home, clean them up, take a few pictures, list them and then enjoy the cash that you get when you sell them.

Today, there are many options beyond eBay for selling online. If you use sites like Mercari, you won't have the extreme fees to pay like you do if you sell on eBay or Amazon. Instead, you'll simply list your item, sell your item and ship your item – no big invoice at the end of the month.

There are many ways to make a little extra cash to get you through. Yes, it does take work, but nothing in this world comes for free – your reward – having enough money to get through from one paycheck to the next. Contact a company like Gutterman Iron & Metal Corp for more information and assistance.