You might have seen gravel walkways before, and you might have thought about adding one or more of these walkways to your own property. Before you make arrangements to have a load of gravel delivered to your home, though, try looking into using river rocks instead. River rocks can be better for creating walkways than gravel for these reasons.

1. They're More Comfortable Under Your Feet

You don't want to be uncomfortable when you're walking on your walkway. River rocks are generally quite smooth to the touch, meaning that they can be much more comfortable to walk on, particularly if you like spending time in your yard barefoot. Gravel can be a lot rougher underneath your feet and may not be as comfortable.

2. They Have a More Attractive Look

Some people really like the look of gravel. However, river rocks can be even more attractive. Since they come in unique shapes and different sizes, they are often very visually stunning. You can create nice-looking walkways and can use river rocks in other ways to improve the look of your property, such as putting them in your flowerbeds, putting them in your outdoor living area or putting them around the outside perimeter of your home.

3. They're Less Prone to Erosion

Gravel can work relatively well at preventing erosion, preventing weed growth and helping with other things when you use them to create walkways on your property. However, because gravel is still relatively small, it can still wash away during periods of heavy rain or just after being in place for a while. Because river rocks are so much heavier, they are less prone to being washed away. This means two things. For one thing, the river rocks will help you maintain a nice-looking walkway for longer, since you won't have to worry about moving them around because of erosion to maintain your well-defined walkways. Additionally, you shouldn't have to replenish the supply of river rocks nearly as often as you would have to bring in additional loads of gravel, although river rocks may have to be replenished from time to time.

Gravel is not the only type of rock that can be used to create a walkway. You can also use river rocks. In fact, bringing in a load of river rocks and spreading them out to create nice walkways around your property can be better than using gravel for the reasons above and more. Contact a company, like Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc, for more help.